Say goodbye to too much pressure

Dearest Reader,

Most things in life come for a price, and this price may simply be anxiety and/or pressure. For the sake of having a happier life, free of such unnecessary and negative emotion, I have said goodbye to some seemingly trivial things and have never looked back.

The first thing is lettuce.

The moment you bring lettuce into your house, it is a ticking time bomb. You have to eat it right away, it is not a product that stays true to its use-by date.

I would make the bold claim that after 48 hours, you already have to weed through the sticky mess that is left in the bag to find the last presentable leaves, or if you are dealing with a head of lettuce, you might have to make difficult decisions on whether these wobbly outer leaves are worth eating.

Lettuce and I don’t work. I am no longer consuming this product, and I can’t recommend it enough.

The second thing are New Years Eve parties.

I am so worried that I have to have a great time that I never have a great time. It’s supposed to be this meaningful day of the year, this massive celebration, this grand memory, and the pressure to have all of this is in itself a party pooper.

These days, I enjoy spending New Years Eve in my pyjamas, ordering a pizza and watching the fireworks on TV. Come 12:10 I’m already in bed, ready to go. It’s awesome.

Finally, any sort of fitness membership.

Don’t get me wrong – getting your ass off the couch is very important so you can age with some sort of dignity, as opposed to dying a horrible, slow death.

However, as soon as I sign up for some sort of exercise program, whether it’s the gym or some sort of stereotypical female fitness class, my good intentions turn into anxiety.

All of a sudden, exercising becomes this new chore that is, above all, costing me money whether I do it or not. While I am by no means a sports enthusiast, exercise is much more likely to occur in my life when it is not in some sort of money-sucking-timer, but rather on my own terms and in my own time.

And this really worked – I have never exercised more in my life since I said goodbye to memberships!

What source of pressure are you cutting out in 2017?

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