Missing Spotify Lists

Dearest Reader,

If you are anything like me, you’ll probably love music to enhance the experience of doing literally anything in this life – whether it is cooking, showering, walking, studying, working or spying on your enemies – all can be made more fun by adding some nice tunes.

While we traditionally all had an extensive collection of CDs or at the very least a hard drive full of illegally downloaded mp3 files, music streaming apps such as Spotify or Tidal have become the new thing.

Although I believe it is unnecessary to have access to all of the music in this world, I must admit that I personally enjoy Spotify in particular because of the mood-themed playlists. You can simply identify your current mood or assess the atmosphere of whatever activity you are about to engage in, and select music to complement this.

For instance, I found playlists on ‘lazy Sunday’, ‘housework’, ‘favourite coffee shop music’, ‘last one awake’ and ‘payday euphoria’. There are playlists for the seasoned PMSer, the broken-hearted, the workout fanatics and of course lovemaking soul jams (though here I recommend investing in the ad-free version as this could interrupt said lovemaking.)

But I feel that some playlists are missing, and I’d like to make this an open letter to the Spotify playlist making team, if there is such a thing.

Dearest Spotify Playlist Making Team,

Could you kindly add the following moods to your playlist selection?:

  • I forgot my lunch at home
  • A social commitment I dreaded was just cancelled!
  • Psyching yourself up for the weekly call to your mother
  • I just found $10 in my coat pocket!
  • I can’t believe I said that out loud

Thank you from your keen listener and moody person,





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