Food Dilemmas

Dearest Reader,

One of the key expectations society has of young adults is that they learn how to feed themselves. Healthily.

But food is one of the most complicated areas of life, because the information we receive changes daily.

Today, we learn that fish is healthy and we should eat it twice a week. The week after, we find out it is poisonous because of the mercury levels. Finally, we are told to stop eating fish altogether because the oceans are empty.

The superfood craze is just one of the challenges of adult life.

Do you need superfoods? Why isn’t pizza on the list, when it’s clearly a super food? How do you really pronounce Acai? Does anyone really want to befriend someone who sprinkles chia seeds on their muesli?

Organic, local farming is the final trend to follow.

When you live in a huge city like Sydney, I often wonder where these local farms are. There isn’t a farm in a 50km radius from me. Even if there was, with all the pollution and acid rain around here, I figure the more local the farm, the more dangerous the food must be.

The organic movement is certainly an admirable movement, if only reserved for a wealthy few.

But I’d like to conclude this with an anecdote that convinced me that some things shouldn’t be organic. 

As you may know, dearest reader, I am originally from Germany. We are a country of manufacturing, and everything we buy is packaged neatly in a sterile environment. At the tender age of 4, I remember visiting family in rural Italy, and was taken to a farm.

On said farm, my father took me to see a bunch of sheep, which I thought smelled exactly the way they looked, and I’ll spare you the details. The farmer then proceeded to milk the sheep, directly into a cup, and brought it over to me to try.

My father then explained that this was the way he grew up, and he loves sheep milk. Try it, he said, it’s still warm!

Needless to say, I explained that for me to go anywhere near this milk, it’ll have to be cleaned, heated, pasteurised, packed into an airtight container with a picture of a cow and be sold in a supermarket.

Some things, dearest reader, can be too organic.

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