Adulthood lessons from games

Dearest Reader,

More than just entertaining, games can actually teach us important lessons on how to succeed as an adult.

Take Monopoly for example. Although it is probably the reason why many families fall apart in anger, it is actually a useful tool to understand money.

You’ll learn that cash only takes you so far and will eventually run out. It also teaches you that $400 is a lot of money at the beginning of the game, but is worth very little when you hit your fellow players’ hotels.

There are two key lessons in here; the first is that it is always good to invest, because investments can generate cash even when you run out.

The other is that what seems like a lot of money today is not worth the same in the future, perhaps because of the types of expenses you’ll have or simply because of inflation.

I have personally felt the pains of inflation with ice cream prices. When I was a child, you could buy a scoop for (converted) $0.60.  Only 29 years later,I find myself paying $5 per scoop – can you believe this shit?!

Another important lesson can be gained by playing The Game of Life. You start the game by deciding whether to take a college pathway, thus immediately accumulating debt, or heading straight for the workforce.

Your choice then impacts the careers you can choose from, as well as the salary. Needless to say, your salary will impact everything else; anyone who ever got stuck living in the caravan will understand.

The lesson here is that what seems like a huge sacrifice and disadvantage at the beginning of your life will eventually translate into a more prosperous future.

Finally, the Sims. As a former addict, I am unable to play this game nowadays but it has taught me the important virtues of patience.

If you want a nice house, nice things, new skills, a great career, a healthy body, a beautiful family – you need to work hard, and be patient. It could take weeks, months or years to achieve these things.

Of course I too discovered the various cheats to unlimited money in the game, but sadly there aren’t any real-life cheats that don’t involve incriminating myself or doing disgusting things for money. Patience it is!

So dearest reader, next time you are fighting the tears as your ass is being handed to you while playing Monopoly, take it as a lesson and just be happy it’s not your real money.

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