What if money was no object?

Dearest Reader,

Careers are a tricky thing. On the one hand you’re told to do something you’re passionate about, but on the other hand you also know that you can’t eat passion, and you have to put some food on the table. Also, this table needs to be purchased somehow, and IKEA doesn’t accept passion as method of payment.

When I was a child, it was completely acceptable to change my career goals on a weekly basis. 

One day I wanted to be an Olympic athlete because I wanted to win a medal for something, and the next I wanted to be a ballerina because I really wanted to wear pink dresses to work. Later I discovered how fun it was to type on a calculator, so I wanted to become a supermarket checkout assistant. The beauty of it all was that neither me nor my mind cared about the reality of any of these careers.

But as I grew older, society pushed for a realistic, financially secure decision. 

There have only ever been two things I was sure about: I love writing, and I love seeing people laugh. In fact, since I knew how to write, I wrote countless stories and anecdotes for my family, making fun of our misfortunes or how hard our lives were at times.

But sadly, I knew the chances of earning a living with that were slim, and I had to make some money. So instead, I became a writer in the media.

Not surprisingly, a few years into it, my mind started whispering. This is not what we expected, is it?

No, it wasn’t.

In fact, it was crushing my soul. And I am sure, dearest reader, you too have had such daunting realisations.

One of the hardest decisions was admitting this, and leaving it behind. I have been teaching English ever since, while I figure out what I want to do instead. It’s been fun, it’s an important job and it is something that comes naturally to me.

But recently, the following question came up in my classroom:

“If money was no object, what career would you choose?”

And my mind whispered.

What the hell are we waiting for?

For a time when we don’t need money?! Will there ever be such a time?

So here I am, writing.

Dearest reader, you reading this, and hopefully smiling, is my dream career come true.

What would you choose?

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