Saving Fails

Dearest Reader,

Becoming frugal is one of the key skills one develops as one progresses into adulthood.

However, there have been times when I had the best intentions and was trying to save money and do it the grown-up way, only to find that I made the situation worse or more expensive.

On the top are and will always be travel saving fails. 

I remember dragging my two suitcases through the snow in a deserted area of Germany because I tried to save money on air travel and booked my landing to an airport which was many hours from my actual destination.

I not only ruined by bags with the mixture of ice, snow and salt, but also almost suffered my own death waiting for busses and trains in -15 degrees celsius.

I’ve also experienced countless anxiety-ridden moments of my luggage being weighed, hoping nobody would notice the multiple layers of clothes currently on me, and the several pounds of toiletries in my pockets.

It goes without saying that many times, I ended up paying much more on excess luggage fees, train tickets from and to remote airports, as well as numerous bottles of overpriced water on airlines that don’t provide free water.

The other ways I unsuccessfully attempted to save money on was food wrapping. Reach for the cheapest cling film, aluminium foil or sandwich bags and you are sure to keep spending and spending as these don’t hold, grip or seal in the way you’d expect, and you end up wrapping things in multiple layers or putting bags into bags, only to find your entire handbag covered in sauce anyway because your lunch leaked all over.

Finally, clothes. We all know it is best to shop online if you’re not too fussed about the wait and the inability to try things on. I have myself been an avid online-shopper, with more positive than negative experiences.

But money, dearest reader, and your greed eventually blind you. And it was not long before I too discovered the kinds of websites that offer what look like stylish and good-quality clothes for ridiculously cheap prices, such as $7 for a jacket, $5 for pair of jeans or even $30 for a wedding dress.

Needless to say, when I ordered a dress which cut off way above my waist line and a ‘one-size’ top that barely fit one of my arms, I realised that this was not the answer. Sure, it all only cost $15. But there they go, those $15. Poof. Wasted.

But dearest reader, may this not encourage you on the quest to look for the sweetest deal. More often than not, it works out well.

And if it doesn’t, at least you have a funny anecdote to tell.


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