Missing Spotify Lists

Dearest Reader,
If you are like me and you love music, you have probably heard of music streaming app ‘Spotify’. 
While traditionally used to search an artist and listen, the app has recently added a playlist section including different occasions (e.g workout, party) and moods, which are my favourite. They cater to every need, including PMS, payday euphoria and broken hearts. You can choose from stuff like ‘relaxation’ to ‘favourite coffee shop music’, ‘last one awake’, ‘songs to sing along in the shower’, ‘picnic in the park’ and even ‘housework’. I love it!
Dear Spotify team, could you kindly also add some music for the following moods:
– The plane has just taken off to a 13 hour flight and my boyfriend is already asleep
– Damn, I just broke <>!!
– I’m jealous because someone else got a better lunch than me
– A social commitment I dreaded was just cancelled!
– I just found $10 in my coat pocket!
– Washing my roomie’s dirty laundry with slight resentment
– I don’t care about you, this is about bloody me!!!
– I feel extremely sick but I’m too embarrassed to accept pity because it’s my fault for drinking so much last night
– Why can this person eat fries and cheese and not get fat?
– I can’t believe I just said that out loud

Thank you from your keen listener and moody person, Zozan 

One thought on “Missing Spotify Lists

  1. Life isn't only built on physical accomplishments. Mentally you growth munstrously and that is what matters. Next time I see you I will give you that extra dollar for your burrito, I promise. You inspire me Zozy The Great.


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