Motorcycle Gang Etiquette

Dearest Reader,
While many movies have been made about the Sicilian Mafia, I have always been more interested in finding out more about motorcycle gangs. There are a number of different gangs with exciting names, club houses and scary tattoos.
We know that the typical Mafioso is actually quite charming, dresses in Italian suits, loves the pretty ladies, still gets slapped in the face by his mother, and says things like “I’m really sorry to do this Marco, but you leave me no other choice” before shooting his loyal employee Marco for spilling some tea. He then sends Marco’s mother a nice letter to offer condolences. 
Yes, to me the typical Mafioso seems approachable in everyday life despite his night time engagements. 
But what are motorcycle gang members like? All I know is that their preferred fashion is a cross between leather domina and pirate, and that they are a major source of income for Harley Davidson. I also know that the individual gangs don’t like each other, and that they somehow store and/or sell illegal drugs. I believe some of them have guns and have a ‘go with the gut’ policy towards using them.
But frankly, that doesn’t seem to be enough activity to fill up a whole day. 
Mafiosi have other things they do during the day, like having awkward meetings with suppliers where they primarily talk in questions, like “So where is the delivery?” – “Who’s asking?” – “Well, who wants to know?”
After finishing to talk in this manner and being a little unclear about what just happened, the Mafioso visits his brand new estate to inspect the portrait of the Virgin Mary which a talented artist is currently painting for him on the living room wall.
But driving around on motorcycles and selling a few drugs certainly doesn’t appear to provide entertainment for longer than 3 hours. This is where the club house gets interesting. What do they do in there?
Do they have lunch together in there? And do they only eat ribs and steak, or do they also like soup or pasta? Do they drink juice or only alcoholic beverages? And what kind of alcoholic beverage is the norm? Beer? Scotch? Wine? Gin and Tonic?
Do they play darts in the club house, or Nintendo Wii? Do they have meetings to discuss the next motorcycle route, or does the head of the gang just play it by ear? Do they actually take drugs or just sell them? What if someone is scared of needles and doesn’t want a tattoo? What if someone is allergic to leather?
From what I understand, many of these people have wives and kids as well, which really means that they can’t be that evil and scary all the time. I mean you wouldn’t want to scare your child and mess up its personal development. Otherwise it might end up taking drugs and joining a motorcycle gang.
So in everyday life, what are motorcycle gang members like? At the grocery store for instance, do they let someone with only one item ahead of them in the queue? Do they even queue or skip the queue altogether?
What if you approached them in the street and asked for the time? Or directions to a nearby cafe? Would they provide you with said information, or dismiss you with a growl?
If there was an old lady with bags, would they help her across the street? Or help a woman who’s struggling with a flat car tyre?
I’d like to know what the etiquette would be in such instances. I’d also like to know what family life looks like for a gang member. Do their wives know? Are girls allowed in the club house? What if the son would like to become a football player, and actually hates motorcycles?
I understand that we cannot ask such questions because motorcycle gangs don’t like to publicise their lifestyle or business. Journalists won’t investigate because, well, they fear death. Being run over by a Harley Davidson is certainly not a fashionable way to go. 
Regardless, I cannot help but be intrigued by this community. Perhaps one day I’ll have the courage to walk into a club house and ask for a Pina Colada, or sell some cookies for charity, just to see what happens.
Should I come out of there alive, I’ll be sure to post an update on my findings!